Hospitality to Celebrancy? Ya what?

I’ve worked in hospitality and catering all my life, ever since I was a wee lad of 13 scrubbing away at the pots and pans in a hotel in Glasgow. I’ve been a restaurant manager, a duty manager and a general manager. I’ve hot-footed my way across Europe, surviving the temper tantrums of chefs from Toulouse to Turin. Then I owned my own businesses, namely an awesome countryside coffee shop, outside catering company, private venue, city centre restaurant and even a cheeky wee Secret Garden. Oh…and I also have a catering consultancy.


Quick pause to admire my beard:

So, what happened? One word. A word we sadly all know only too well. Covid.


Of course many industries were hit hard by the pandemic, with its endless rounds of lockdowns and legislation. Many business owners had to handle restrictions then regulations, staff illness and isolating. But none more so than hospitality and catering which relies heavily on the day-to day revenue from walk-in customers, and received no or little support from the government when it really mattered.


I could only stand by and watch as the doors closed, and my customers and clients dwindled away to next to nothing.

But I’ve never been one for standing still for long. My brain never stops and I had a brainwave. Something had been playing on my mind for a while and I now finally had the chance to do something about it.


Just before lockdown I’d been to wedding. A truly gorgeous wedding, perfect in every single way except for the lacklustre celebrant. Let’s just say there was a small personality bypass issue and the ceremony was so impersonal it could have been for absolutely anyone. So… given my experience in creating highly memorable events and being a motivational speaker, presenter, MC and “Voice of God” on the speaker circuit, I figured that I could maybe give it a whirl. Yes, that’s it!  I would be a celebrant. So I spent lockdown with my books doing just that. I signed up for a course, started the training, studied hard and, a wee boast, I passed and was awarded my qualification with flying colours!


Thankfully my other businesses are now thriving once again, and me and my beard are now ready to made our mark on the Scottish wedding circuit. Because that’s the aim – to make a mark. But it’s not about me it’s about YOU! And I will take the time to get to know you, your stories, your interests, what makes you tick and why Granny Jean means so much to you that she deserves a special mention. Together, we will create the most personal, least forgettable occasion. Ever!


So, shall we grab a cuppa and have a chat?

Funny and irreverent, witty and warm, Andrew can be found in his kilt or tweed suit delivering highly personalised ceremonies for couples across Scotland and beyond.

If you’d like to speak to Andrew about your wedding or naming ceremony, please call 07732 454639 or email