Frequently Asked Questions


Are your Wedding Ceremonies legal?

Yes, as a Marriage Officer with The Fulcrum Foundation I can legally marry couples who share our core belief on marriage which is that ‘'Marriage is a lifelong connection between two people whose values are based on equality, common purpose, tolerance and compassion''

Do you officiate same sex weddings?

Absolutely and delighted to do so.

Does my religion or faith matter?

Not at all, in so far as the content of your ceremony it isn’t restricted to any culture, faith or religion. So, if you want to add a cultural or religious tradition into your ceremony, you can as long as you support The Fulcrum belief in Equality, Common Purpose, Tolerance and Compassion

Where can I hold my ceremony?

You can hold your ceremony anywhere you want, outside, inside, by a lake, in a forest at home, just be sure to have a contingency for bad weather.

When can I hold my ceremony?

Anytime you want, sunrise, sunset, up to you.

What can I include in my ceremony?

You can add poems, songs, hymns, readings, really whatever your preferences are that’s what you will have. Pets are often a favourite at weddings, usually to give the bride away so really you can include almost anything.

What does the celebrant do on the day?

I will get along to the venue about 45 minutes before the ceremony is due to start, if requested we can have a quick rehearsal then. I check the room the ceremony is taking place in to see all is ok. I will then officiate your amazing ceremony, personal and meaningful to you both, and do all in power to let you and your guests have the best time ever.

Do you conduct Elopements?

Absolutely and I just love an elopement or micro wedding. Scotland is just the greatest, and there are so many options both in the beautiful countryside or city.

What bits do we have to do for the ceremony?

As much or as little as you want, some ceremonies I would do every bit of, some like friends and family to do readings or read poems, it’s your ceremony and it’s up to you what you feel you want to do, there is no pressure.

Can a celebrant provide a traditional ceremony?

Yes, no problem at all.

How long does a ceremony usually last?

Usually between 25 and 40 minutes dependent on the content in the ceremony.

We live in America and are coming to Scotland for a handfasting ceremony will you work with us?

Yes of course, there are more and more people travelling from abroad to have a ceremony in the beautiful Scottish countryside.

Are you willing to travel?

Yes, it’s part of the job, however your fee includes travel within 50 miles of Milnathort, any mileage thereafter will be negotiated. There may be additional costs incurred dependent on any out of the ordinary requests arising from our discussions or when accommodation is required the night before your event.

Why would you pick me?

I am huge, like really big and ruggedly bearded and hopefully that means I am memorable. My mum says I am charming too and I wouldn’t want to disagree with her.

I have spent a life time talking, training, and teaching and with that you learn a particular set of skills. Skills that make me a breath of fresh air for wonderful couples like you. When we chat, bond, and let the banter flow – I listen. This is absolutely essential to get the ceremony you want, you must be heard, you will not end up with a ceremony that is right off a shelf with an “add name” here or there. I start with a blank piece of paper and every time we talk, I add to your story. As we chat “nuggets of gold” appear and that to me is what it is all about. I then lock myself away in Celebrant HQ and the most gorgeous ceremony comes alive.

With this approach you end up with a beautiful bespoke wedding ceremony, the words are about you both, your story, your adventure, and your future together.

I am a fully qualified Celebrant and Marriage Officer and to me this is quite simply the best job ever. In fact, who am I kidding, it's not a job it's a way of life. I spend my days giving fabulous couples the best start to married life in some of the most magical locations in Scotland. If I have done my job properly everyone will be talking about how beautiful your ceremony was for years to come.

I am here as much or as little as you need me. Some couples want to chat often, others not so much and both to me are grand. I will be with you every step of the way and always available to support you both as this is a monumental life event for everyone involved.

How much do you charge?

Weddings cost from £550, subject to location. Please get in touch for Elopements with your details so I can give you a price.

Renewal of vows

Can I wear a wedding dress for my renewal of vows?

Of course you can, especially if you are the bride, wear a shell suit if you like, just whatever floats your boat.

Can we do the same vows from our wedding?

Yes, and many do, its entirely up to you both what you want included.

Can we include rituals?

Absolutely, with rituals becoming so much more popular, it’s a great opportunity to include them, where before you didn’t.

Can I renew my vows in my house?

Yes, anywhere you like. Great chance of me getting a cuppa then! ( just black, no milk, no sugar)

I would like to add a vow renewal onto my wife’s 50th birthday party, is this possible?

Yes, often people attach one event onto another for example, a baby naming onto a wedding, these are often done as a surprise!

Would a renewal of vows still include our personal story?

Of course, it would be the story from your wedding to your renewal usually.


What does a handfasting involve?

Hand fasting can be done in many different ways, but all include binding a couple’s hands whilst vows are recited, and a blessing is given to the couple. These vows can be written by the couple themselves if that’s what is wanted, and the couple can recite the vows, or the Celebrant can do it. The Celebrant usually recites the Blessing. If the couple wants the Handfasting’s can end in ‘Tying the Knot’ where the cords are tied in a particular way so that when your hands are separated it forms a knot.

Can I involve my children?

Yes, and often handfasting is selected in order that this can happen, either as part of a wedding ceremony or when the handfasting is the whole ceremony. It is a lovely way to include the whole family in the celebration.

What is a full handfasting ceremony?

The full ceremony usually takes place outside in a circle and tends to be more of a spiritual ceremony, the area is cleared, and the four elements of Earth, Wind, Fire and Water are called in. There are poems and vows and ring or token exchanges, but the focus is on the ‘Binding of the Hands’ to form the contract. Other people will almost always be involved in supporting the binding. These Handfastings can also be legal (this is a potted version of the full handfasting, if you Google it you will see the full description)

Naming Ceremonies

Can you do this?

Yes indeed, a naming ceremony is a beautiful way to bring someone into a family. We can have so much fun with this.