He’s class

July 11, 2023 10:36 pm Published by
We wanted to sit and take the time to write all of this down (probably longer than Alex spent on his vows!)
As soon as we had our first chat we knew that we wanted you to marry us. I said “I love him” and Alex said “He’s class” Although let’s be honest, I had decided before we spoke 🤣
Every single person there has spoken of your humour, your energy, your care and most of all the intimacy and personalisation you brought to the ceremony. We aren’t overly mushy people, our love generally comes from making fun of each other/mild bickering and you made that shine through so effortlessly, that isn’t easy to find. To quote one of our guests “Andrew told your story and he told it beautifully”
We cannot thank-you enough Andrew. We will look back on our day with such love and joy and always remember you being an integral part of it.
You are truly amazing at what you do, some would say you’re made for it.
There’s only one regrettable thing “I didn’t get a selfie with you” – Catherine
You’re the best

and we miss you already xx

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This post was written by Andrew Scott