The man you want to be your celebrant

June 17, 2024 8:57 am Published by
We aren’t sure there are any words to describe how pure and lovely Andrew is. He would genuinely do anything for you within a heartbeat and without hesitation.
We had originally planned to wed a year later than we did, and due to a scary change of circumstances and reality check in life, we decided we didn’t want to wait any longer. After explaining this to Andrew, he offered instant support, stood by us and said “I will get you married.” And he sure did! He is extremely professional and explained everything so clearly, and he genuinely cared about our story.
On Wednesday May 1st 2024, Andrew stood with us at the Glencoe Lochan and gave us the most gorgeous, funny, gentle and heart warming ceremony we dreamed of. He kept us calm, made us feel the love and was such a warm presence. Our families absolutely loved him.
He is the man you want to meet in a pub for a story, he is the friend you want to go to for advice, and most importantly, he is the man you want to be your celebrant.
– The Sutherlands x

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This post was written by Shoena Payne