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January 28, 2023 1:41 pm Published by
If I hadn’t married my wife… I might have married Andrew.
It’s not just the beard.
Or the kilt.
But the fact he’s a top chap and made our day that bit more special than it already was.
In fact, on the first call we knew he was right for us; Andrew was jovial and relaxed, removing any doubt or anxiety we might have had.
The thing is, we’re not the type of couple that indulges in public displays of affection…
Or the overtly soppy stuff.
It’s partly why we eloped.
It also meant we didn’t exactly give Andrew a lot of ‘material’ to go on… but he still managed to thread the right words together.
And we both grinned like Cheshire cats all the way through the ceremony.
*the whiskey probably helped too.
Andrew – the wife and I are in 100% agreement we picked the right man for the occasion, a big thank you from us both. 👍

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This post was written by Andrew Scott