This mofo is effervescent

January 28, 2023 2:14 pm Published by
How to describe this giant of a man in a way that truly supplements all the wonderful things already said?
He is courteous. He is cordial. He is kind. And believe you me, this mofo is effervescent.
Andrew was a delight to work with from early conversations through to the wedding day. Always available to answer questions and offer guidance, his suggested approach to writing our vows was a practical as it was concise and really helped us avert all the overthinking we were doing.
If you’ve the slightest inkling Andrew is THE officiant for your nuptials, do not delay in reaching out to schedule that initial chat. At worst, you’ve spent some time engaging with a truly unique and wonderful person. Best case, you’ve secured a vital component of your and your betrothed’s special day.

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This post was written by Andrew Scott